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Hello my name is Eliza!

I have been working with children for the past 8 years as a nanny in private families with children ranging from newborn to 12 years. I have been so fortunate to have had a window into the lives of these families and to see first-hand the busy family dynamics – juggling an endless stream of things that need to be done around the home, time working and time out for special family bonding. I realised that all this life juggling can only be done when families are at their best and functioning with enough sleep and rest to recover each day.

This was something I observed, but did not fully understand until my little boy arrived in 2022 and I was no longer just working in the bustle, I was living it too.

My little boy literally changed my life! He struggled in the early weeks with reflux and a suspected CMPA (Cows Milk Protein Allergy) which left me anxious as a new mum trying to work out what was best for my baby. I was unable to put him down for sleep, I was reading oodles of conflicting advice. It was a recipe for sleep deprivation and a low mood being unable to keep on top of everything.

I had to find a solution to our sleep because I felt that was at the root of it all. If I could sleep better, I could clear the brain fog and make it through.

I made it my mission to read as much as I could about sleep and how to optimise it while juggling my baby’s reflux and found there was so much advice that just didn’t ring right with me – “leave your baby to cry, they’ll self soothe” or “don’t hold your baby too much, you’ll spoil him” or “helpful” questions such as “is he sleeping through the night yet?” or “is he a good baby?”

Luckily, I had amazing family around me to help and see us through the early weeks and onwards, quite literally holding us together at times, but I know that others are not so fortunate. So I want to share what I have learnt with you and others – whether you’re a first time mum and in the circus ring wondering how you’re going to manage all these things or a seasoned mum who has already been here time and again, hearing the conflicting advice and seeking clarity – I am here.

I heard about Babyem and the Holistic Sleep Coaching course and there was no turning back, I loved what I was learning and am so ready to help families like yours to gain the confidence to get the rest you need to be you at your best. If it sounds like we are on the same page then take a look at how I can help you here.


Level 6 OCN accredited Holistic Sleep Coach (course provided by Babyem)
– over 80 hours’ worth of studying!

Paediatric First Aid Training

Level 3 Babycare Training

Fully Insured

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