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Are you feeling exhausted?
Has your family’s sleep reached a point where you feel it isn’t working anymore?
I can help.

What is Holistic Sleep Coaching?

When I first heard the term holistic sleep coach, it sounded like someone making potions and ointments to make someone sleep – trust me, it’s not!

Sleep is affected by:

Diet / Nutrition

Habits / Routines

Emotional and mental wellbeing

Physical health, including family health history

Behaviour and temperament

Genetic programming



As a Holistic Sleep Coach,
I will delve into all those aspects of your child’s sleep and see where potential issues are lying.
This will identify what “normal” sleep could be like for your child.

Then we can work together in making a plan to move forward and try to improve your child’s sleep and,
by extension, your sleep.

All strategies are gentle, evidence-based and will be adapted to your situation –
you won’t be asked to do anything you’re not comfortable with.

Take a look at the packages on offer:

How Does It Work?


Emily Says:

“I contacted Eliza for help with my 9 month old waking many times a night. She helped me understand why he was waking and what we could try, we all sleep so much better now!”

Jodie Says:

“Thank you Eliza! You have given me my evenings back! Bedtime was taking around 2 hours each night and I was losing my mind, never having a peaceful evening. I contacted Sleepy-Byes and Eliza helped me make some small changes that made a big difference. She also gave me a plan to use with my 2 year old girl which has been a huge success. Now bedtime is so much calmer for all and she is asleep within 30 minutes! I have my evenings back!”

Sandra Says:

“I hated the thought of Cry-It-Out and didn’t know where to turn, luckily I found Sleepy-Byes and Eliza helped me see there are much better methods to help my baby sleep better (she even showed me the lack of evidence supporting CIO being safe, which made me even more confident!)”

Sleepy-Byes Holistic Sleep Coaching

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